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Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting in Andoversford

Burglar Alarms Andoversford

It is important to ensure our homes or business premises in Andoversford are protected. At Prestige Electrical Services Andoversford our electricians install a full range of Alarms from full house completely wired systems which will call or text you when the alarm is triggered to a small shed system to protect items stored away from the main property. We are also able to design and install a range of wireless alarms.

Our Andoversford electricians will assess your full requirements and advise accordingly on the most appropriate burglar alarm system for you.

Insurance companies may well offer a discount on your annual home insurance policy premium if the property is alarmed.

Fire Alarms Andoversford

At Prestige Electrical Services Andoversford we fit a wide range of fire and smoke alarms. From alarms in your home connected to your electrical supply with a battery back-up to a large office block with many zones a differing types of sensor and call point.

More information of fire / smoke alarms can be found on the Fire Service web site.

Emergency Lighting Andoversford

Emergency lighting is first and foremost intended to provide sufficient light to enable people to see their way safely out of a building in case of emergency.

It is critical that the emergency lighting comes into play if the normal lighting fails. Emergency lighting needs to be correctly positioned, bright enough and illuminated for sufficient time to enable the occupants of a building to evacuate safely in an emergency.

Emergency lighting requirements specify that lights are positioned:

  • Along escape routes
  • At every change in direction
  • Adjacent to any step or trip hazard
  • Over every flight of stairs so each tread receives direct light
  • Close to fire fighting equipment and call points
  • Close to any first aid points
  • Outside every final exit.

It is recommended that external lighting is provided to guide evacuees away from the final exits.

It is important that regular testing of emergency lighting is carried out and that this testing be evidenced should it ever be required by HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

If you have any questions about our Alarm Installation services in and around Andoversford or would if you would like a quotation for an Alarm system, then please give Leisa a call on 01242 352767 or email her on and she will be happy to arrange a quotation for you.

Prestige Electrical Services Andoversford look forward to being of service to you.

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