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Is your Consumer Unit / Fuse Board Safe?

Great Britain has a reasonably good record of electrical safety but the most recent figures available from the Electrical Safety Councils “how safe is your home” booklet reports that annually around 70 people die and 350,000 people are injured due to electrical accidents at home. As I am sure you will agree those figures are dreadful and 1 person being hurt or dying from an electrical accident at home is 1 too many.

Old fuse boards that do not meet the current 17th edition IEE wiring regulations can become dangerous depending on the load placed upon them. Every electrical installation deteriorates with age and use. It is essential for the safety of yourself and your property that an electrical safety checks take place if you have not had one in the last 10 years. Unfortunately it is not the case with the electrics  that “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” it is very important that you stay of aware of your electrical installation and if in doubt “ask” we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have or provide electrical advice.

The new consumer units which meet the current 17th Edition wiring regulations have dual RCD (Residual Current Breakers) to split the load and ensure that if one RCD trips then there is still some power to each floor of the property and gives protection against electric shocks.

Look at our checklist to see if you may need a new Consumer Unit (Fuse board):

    1. Has your wiring been checked in the last 10 years by a qualified electrician?
    2. Does your fuseboard have replaceable fuse wire?
    3. Do your fuses blow regularly?
    4. Do you have lights that use twisted old type flex?
    5. Do your sockets or plugs get hot or have burn marks?
    6. Do you need to use extension leads?
    7. Do you have flex that is rubber covered?
    8. Do you use electrical equipment outside?
    9. Are you at all concerned about your electrical installation?

Below are a couple of examples of replacement consumer units in the last couple of weeks, does your fuseboard /consumer unit look anything like these?

Job 1


Job 2


Electrics do make people wary as electrical installations are not something that many people know much about or a qualified in.  Our professional advice to you would be do not carry out any electrical work in your home without professional help or advice.  It really is better to be safe than sorry.

If do require any help, advice or an assessment of your electrical installation please do give Leisa a call on 0800 228 9574 or email< we are here to help you.