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Rewiring & New Wiring

Prestige Electrical Services electricians can provide electrical rewiring & wiring services to both domestic and commercial properties. 

Whether it’s a house, outbuilding or office, if your property needs rewiring, our Electricians are the right choice for you. They are fully trained and qualified up to the highest standards. This including the ability to test and report on the work of a third party electrician. Our electricians provide only the highest level of electrical competency and all are 18th Edition (City & Guilds 2382-18) qualified.

Why would you need a rewire?

Your property may need a rewire if the electrical wiring is old or insufficient for your needs. The easiest way to check is the colour of the cables. If you find black coloured cables leading to the consumer unit (fuse board) then this is an immediate sign that the wiring needs to have a professional check. Modern cables are either grey or white and insulated by a coating of PVC. The old black cables are rubber which over time perishes and decays.

An old fuse board is also an indicator that your electrics require upgrading as there could be metal conduits running to sockets and lights.

Do look at our 10 point checklist to see if you may need an electrical test or rewire:

  1. Has your wiring had a check in the last 10 years by a qualified electrician?
  2. Does your fuse board have replaceable fuse wire?
  3. Do your fuses blow regularly?
  4. Do you have lights that use twisted old type flex?
  5. Sockets or plugs – do they get hot or have burn marks?
  6. Do you need to use extension leads?
  7. Do you have flex that is rubber covered?
  8. Are your cables missing an earth cable?
  9. Do you use electrical equipment outside?
  10. Are you at all concerned about your electrical installation?

If you would like one of our electricians to provide a visual inspection of your electrics or a full EICR (Electrical Installation Condition report) we can provide this for you and advise you of any electrical work that may or may not be a requirement.

Wiring Checks for New House Buyers

We recommend that a qualified electrician carries out a full EICR if you are moving home or purchasing another property. They will assess and identify the condition of the electrical installation prior to exchange of contracts. We found that when the house survey carries out, many surveyors recommend that an electrical report takes place. This will ensure that the purchaser knows any essential electrical work needed as soon as possible. In some cases we have found that where a lot of electrical work took place, the cost of this may have negotiated the house purchase price.

New Wiring Installations / House Extensions

Our electricians provide a new wiring installation service. This ranges from one socket, switch or light, to a house extension, or a complete design and installation of the wiring for a new property. No job is too small or too large and our qualified and experienced electricians have a completely flexible approach to working with both the customer and any other trades needed. Should the job be of such that the Building Control department become involved then we will take care of notifying them and providing all the paperwork requirements to sign off the electrical installation.

External, Garden Lighting & Power

We can also provide design services for your external areas and garden electrical needs.

Our electricians can provide wiring for garden installations from PIR security lights through to a complete circuit for mood lighting. We can install external sockets for outside power and pumps for water features which is popular when installing Koi ponds.

Electrical Problems

We can also help with any electrical emergency. Whether it is advice over the phone for something straight forward i.e. resetting an RCD that has tripped, or if it is a more complicated electrical problem then we can arrange for one of our electricians to visit you to repair the electrical issue.

Being fully covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance provides peace of mind to all our customers that the electricians working in your home or business are from a professional and reliable electrical contractors.

We are members of the following professional bodies:

ELECSA – operates competent person schemes on behalf of the government to ensure that the contractors you use are technically competent to do the electrical work you want. The scheme relating to electricians is the Part P scheme of which we are a member. 

The ELECSA mission is to maintain and promote the best industry practice that underlines the technical integrity of the work that their approved contractors carry out on behalf of their customers every day.

Elecsa - Part P - PRestige Services

TrustMark – is a non-profit making organisation, licensed by the Government and supported by consumer protection groups. A firm’s technical skills have an independent check with regular on-site inspections. We have signed up to a code of practice that includes insurance, good health and safety practices and good customer care.

Rewiring & New Wiring - Trust Mark

By being a part of these professional bodies we can confirm that the electrician visiting your property has had an assessment and confirmed as competent to carry out electrical work safely and correctly.

If you have any questions about our rewiring & new wiring services or would like an electrical quotation, please do give Leisa or a member of our team a call on 0800 228 9574. You may also email us at info@prestigeservices.biz and we will be more than happy to help you.

We look forward to being of service to you for all your electrical needs.

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